Why Do I Still Need Alterations If My Dress Was Ordered According to My Measurements?

Many girls are under the impression that when a bridal shop takes their measurements to order their gown, that the dress will be made to fit those measurements, thus eliminating the need for alterations.

Well unfortunately, that’s not the way it works!

Your measurements are taken only to determine which size will best fit you according to the manufactures size chart. Every manufacture has their own and they are all different.

As an example:

If you are larger at the top and smaller at the bottom, than the dress must be ordered to fit over the larger part of you and the bottom will have to be taken in.

Same thing would apply if you were smaller at the top and larger at the bottom.

The bust is the hardest part to alter, so if you are very small up top than they would try to get the closest size to fit your bust and sometimes that means letting out the bottom of the dress. This would not work with certain types of fabrics such as satin, taffeta or chiffon overlays..

With some manufactures, you can pay to have the dress ordered hollow to hem and the dress will be cut according to your heighth.  You would have to have the shoes that will be worn with the dress when your measurements are taken.  In most cases, there is a charge for this.

Formal wear is not sized the same as your everyday clothing, so trust the size chart.

Most bridal shops that I work with try very hard to pick the size that will fit you the best and will require the least amount of alterations.

Most don’t make money off of the alterations. Even if they did, it would be a small percentage. Not enough to be worth make a customer mad and hurt business. Word of mouth is their best advertising.

It is very unusual if a girl doesn’t need any alterations. She is blessed!


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