Can Anyone That Sews, Do Alterations?


Just because your friend or family member has been sewing for years and has even made clothing, does not qualify them to do alterations.

It takes years to develop an eye for dress design and garment construction.

You must know how each piece was put together and how they work to create the flow and design of the gown.

Everything is connected, so if you alter one part of the gown, you must know how to alter the connecting parts.

I have had many Mothers come to me over the years to help them fix their daughters wedding gown, that either they, or some other family member started but then realized they didn’t know what they were doing.

Unfortunately, some were unfixable!

It is often easier to make a gown from scratch than to alter one.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough on the bride and the family members. You don’t want the added pressure of being responsible for the most important gown your loved one will ever wear!

Leave it to the professionals!


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