What is a Bustle?

A bustle is where the train of the gown is pulled up to keep it from dragging the floor or getting stepped on and damaged during the reception.

The method of bustling depends greatly on the seamstresses and on the style of gown.

You should always ask to see how your gown would look using different bustling methods, before your choose to have this done!

Some seamstresses (myself NOT included) do it basically the same bustle, the same way, all the time, for every dress. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn’t!

Bustles look the best when you can not tell how it is bustled when its up. The style of bustle should be determined by the style of dress and should not change the overall look of the gown.

When at all possible, all the materials used to do the bustle (ribbons and loops or loops and buttons) should be attached to the lining under the skirt and not on the outside where it can be see as you walk down the aisle.

If it must be placed on the outside of the skirt, then it should be disguised by beads or appliqué.

When ribbons are used to tie up the bustle under the gown, they should be color coded in some way to help eliminate confusion and to make the bustling process fast and easy.

A bustle that is done right, looks great and gives you the freedom of movement so you can enjoy your day with friends and family.


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