“How Far in Advance Should I Rent my Tuxedo for Prom”

Most places prefer that you rent or reserve your tuxedo at least three weeks prior to the event date. Especially during the prom season, which is the busiest season of the year!

If you reserve your tuxedo in a timely manner, you won’t have to worry about availability. Once you come in and reserve your tuxedo, vest, and tie, they take it out of the system so no one else can rent it. You won’t have to worry that the one you wanted, won’t be available for your special day!

If you have a particular color that has to match the girls dress and you procrastinate, you may find out that they ran out of that color of vest and tie you needed and had to give you the closest thing to it.

The most common problem that occurs when guys wait , is that the average sizes and most popular jackets rent out first. When this happens, they have to substitute if, for either a more expensive jacket or maybe the cheapest looking one.

You may also accure a rush fee, on top of the rental cost. Especially if it has to be shipped over night!

Most places only require a deposit and you can pay the balance when you pick it up.

Tuxedos are usually a weekend rental and never come in any sooner than a few days prior to the event, unless you pay for another weekend rental.

Rent it now and get it off your mind!


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