What Can you do if your zipper breaks on your wedding day?

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Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to a bride in Charlotte NC today.

I got a frantic phone call from the brides photographer( Deevo) owner of Fusion Photography in Charlotte, about three hours before the bride was to walk down the aisle to say her I do’s.

They were just getting ready to take pictures, when her zipper suddenly broke!

Her photographer is an acquaintance of mine, so he knew that I would know exactly what to do.

Fortunately for them ,I had just finished with my last appointment in Monroe and was able to jump in the car and get to the bride approximately 45 minutes away.

When I got there, the bride was in tears. I knew everything was going to be fine, but she was not yet convinced! I re-assured her that I was going to take care of it and no would even notice. All she needed to do was to put the dress back on and relax as much as possible.

I had packed thread to match her dress, a needle and some scissors. .

I had to hand sew the zipper opening closed while she had the dress on. I had someone else hold the dress closed as I began sewing.

 I sewed  tiny little stitches near the edge of the zipper lap, starting from the bottom and working my way up to the top.

The key is, thick thread and tiny stitches making it strong but invisible.

Every bride should pack a wedding emergency kit that includes: safety pins, spot remover, thread TO MATCH ALL THE DRESSES, a needle and some scissors.

Anyone with  basic hand sewing skills can do this. Zippers do break from time to time but if you are prepared, its doesn’t have to ruin your special day!

Before and after pictures will be posted soon.

http://www.fusionphotographystudio.com 704-840-7661


1 thought on “What Can you do if your zipper breaks on your wedding day?

  1. Hi Frances! Thanks for your comment. There are a few things you can do now, to insure it wont happen to you on your wedding day.
    First: make sure it has a hook at the top of the zipper. If it doesn’t, be sure to have your seamstress add one. The hook is not there to keep the zipper up, its their to help keep the zipper teeth straight while its being zipped-up and keeps the plastic coils of the zipper from bending.
    Second: have someone hold the dress together while someone else zips the dress up.
    You can also help by standing straight and relaxed. Don’t bend, hold your shoulders back or hold your breath……………..that does NOT help! This only makes things worse! If the hook breaks before you start to zip the dress up, than the dress is too tight and the zipper will likely break on your wedding day. If your dress has been very tightly fitted to you by your seamstress, be sure to bend over and sit down at your final fitting to see how the zipper hold up. Its better to have it break now in front of her than on your wedding day!

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