What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Gown Alterations?

It’s hard to give an average cost to altering a wedding dress because the range would depend greatly on what needs to be done to each part of the gown.

Not every dress needs the same amount of alterations.

I can break down the average cost for each particular adjustment. But you will find that the range is so broad it may not be very helpful.

If you email a good picture of your gown while you wearing it, than the seamstress will be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

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Do The Shoes Really Matter?

Everyone’s feet are different; everyone’s heel comfort level is also different.

Some girls can’t wear heels and will look ridicules trying to walk in them.

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What Style Should I Choose When My Bridesmaids Are All Different Shapes and Sizes?

It’s very unlikely that all your bridesmaids will be exactly the same shape and size.

A girl that wears a size 16 wont look the same as a girl that wears a size 2. (especially if she’s busty!)

You should either choose a dress that will flatter the largest girl or let the bridesmaids choose their own dress but stick with the same color, designer and fabric.

Be sure that no one picks the exact same dress and that all of them are hemmed at the same length.

If you do this, you will make everyone happy and save the girls a ton of money in alterations.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy My Gown Over The Internet?

With more and more girls buying over the internet, I get to see first- hand how these gowns are constructed.

In most cases, I can spot a knock-off instantly!

The fabric feels and looks cheep, the beads are often glued on and not sewn.

Most of the dresses don’t have boning in the seams or horse hair in the hems.

Most of the time, the lining is not attached at the bottom of the skirt, exposing all the stitching underneath.

I also have to replace the zippers a lot.

I strongly recommend that you “do not buy directly from China”!

Should I Bring Someone To My Fittings?

It’s not a good idea to bring your whole wedding party to your fittings!

While it may be fun and exciting for you, too many additional girls distract and get in the way of the seamstress.

You might want to have your mom, a relative, or friend accompany you to your fittings, just for another set of eyes and another reliable opinion.

You should bring your maid of honor or a bridesmaid in addition to your mom for your final fitting.

They will need to know how to create the bustle, and feel confident about helping you get dressed, especially if your gown is a lace-up corset.